How to Make a Pear Caramel Mousse Cake | Online Lesson

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Whether you’re a seasoned cake decorator or a new baker, learning to bake a Pear Caramel cake is a must that we will be covering in the lesson. Guided by professionals, you’ll be creating a Pear sponge-cake, Caramel Pear Compote and Cheese mousse with your own artistic spin.

If you wanted to impress your loved ones – this is just the right recipe! The class will teach you how to prepare ingredients and give a proper folding technique for the sweetest cake.


We want you to be able to study bakery to create unique great desserts anytime and anywhere! This is a project for everyone: from an amateur pastry chef to the well-experienced professional striving for perfection and improving the skills and knowledge. It doesn't matter what your level is – this project will open new culinary horizons and enrich your imagination!

Each video lesson is handcrafted to give you a foundational knowledge on:

  • The step-by-step guide of working with the mousse cake
  • Tips for making the caramel pear 
  • Secrets of the sponge-cake
  • Techniques of working with the fruit puree mousse and the Italian meringue
  • Tips for making mousse desserts
  • And so much more!

Bake along at your own pace as your virtual instructor leads you step-by-step, with visual cues and chef tips, through each recipe lesson. 

How to Make a Pear Caramel Cake  | Online Lesson


The lesson includes everything you need to make the cake.

The lesson contains 3 videos: the recipe for the Pear cake itself and the recipe for the mirror glaze even if you've never made a cake before and decor.

Our culinary masters with a unique approach and know how to deliver information to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Guided by our masters, you will learn how to cook the magnificent Pear Caramel cake and cover it with delicate icing. 


All the ingredients you need for cooking will be provided in the supporting PDF. We have compiled the list so that you can easily find the ingredients in the store nearby.

Cake ingredients


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