How to Make a Fruit Glaze | Online Lesson

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Are you ready to make the shiny fruit glaze that can be used for tarts, cheesecakes, fruit pizza, and more? This natural fruit glaze gives a shiny finish to the dessert ad adds enjoyable flavor.

You can get a colored glaze without dyes, with the intricate smell and taste of natural fruits! The whole process of cooking takes no more than 20-30 minutes, while the result is impressive. 


The recipe for the fruit glaze is one of those important must-knows for all chefs and those who enjoy cooking. Our team of culinary masters will teach you the basics of making the shiny fruit glaze and prove that:

  • It is much easier than you think;
  • You can use the decoration on any cake;
  • You do not need special ingredients or equipment to make it.

    The video lesson includes the technique of working with fruit glaze, tips for the best look and texture + step-by-step guide.


    The lesson includes everything you need to make the fruit glaze.

    The lesson contains the video recipe of the fruit glaze itself and the supporting PDF recipe. 

    This class is perfect for novice bakers who want to learn new skills, as well as for experienced bakers who are seeking to master a new, and impressive dessert.

    We want you to be able to study bakery to create unique great desserts anytime and anywhere! Bake along at your own pace as your virtual instructor leads you step-by-step, with visual cues and chef tips.


    All the ingredients you need for cooking will be provided in the supporting PDF. We have compiled the list so that you can easily find the ingredients in the store nearby.

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